General FAQ's
Payment FAQ's
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General FAQ's

Who do you accept?

Cash University is a public affiliate network but we do screen all of our applicants diligently. We are looking for affiliates of all sizes whether just 1 lead per day or thousands. We will not turn you away for low volume as long as you follow the rules. We would love to have you grow as an affiliate with us.

How Do I Join Cash University?

1. Fill out the form here to apply.
2. Wait for one of our affiliate managers to approve your application or contact you to process your application.

What is so great about CashUniversity?

We have all been affiliates at one point in time and still are so we know what you need and how to help you maximize your sales. We do not shave PERIOD. Others will say they don't believe in it but not only do we not believe in it, our tracking system does not allow it. We select advertisers who think like us so you can be assured that every lead you get, you will be paid for.

Does it cost anything to join?

Joining is completely FREE. Cash University is 100% free to join, and our support, guides and training are free to all our affiliates. We give you as many resources as possible to help you succeed, and if there is anything you can think of that we can provide for you, we can do our best to accommodate you.

What type of verticals do you have?

We have hundreds of direct campaigns and many verticals. We currently specialize in a large variety of dating offers but we also have credit reports, downloads, incentivized, games, biz-opp, jobs, work@home, trading, insurance (auto & life), education, mobile, email submits, weight loss, free apple products, free laptops, free giftcard offers and more. We will do our best to find any offer you would like to promote and also pay you top dollar to promote it. If you just would like to check to see if we will pay more on an offer you currently promote somewhere else don't hesitate to ask. AIM NickCashU

What type of traffic do you allow?

We allow all traffic types including incentivized as long as the campaign allows it. We also allow email marketing, search, display, contextual, and network traffic. We do not allow ANY type of fraud and will ban your account if we suspect it.

Are foreign affiliates allowed?

Foreign affiliates are allowed to apply but must pass a more rigorous process approval process. Referrals help. Tax Forms All USA affiliates need to send in a w9 - Available once you login to CU Foreign affiliates need to send in a w8 - Available once you login to CU

Do you offer support?

We offer free support to all affiliates. We also offer many resources like bulk Email IDs, IPs, hosting etc. View our contact page and contact someone from support or email us now.

How much can you make?

There really is no limit to how much money you can make except how much time you want to spend. Our affiliates pay range from $2 daily up to $10,000 daily. Your opportunity is what you make of it.

Do I need to spend anything to start?

However you promote is up to you. We mentioned the allowed methods above, but, we also have e-books available, a forum for you to share your tips/get tips from other members, and, affiliate managers who have used almost every method out there. We are constantly looking for new ways to make money and are happy to help you tweak your methods to make even more money. Remember, it's all a learning process, but, with your hard work and a few dollars investment, the returns are exponential!

What is NOT allowed?

-NO aliases when signing up
Anyone caught doing any of the above will be terminated and not paid for any leads.

Do you pay me if I refer someone?

We do offer a 3% commission all your referrals sales for LIFE. Your referral must use your referral link to sign up in order to track your referral sales.

Final Note

We constantly update the homepage when you login with the best converting and top paying offers. Your affiliate managers contact information is also here so they are easy to get a hold of, although we prefer you are on a first name basis without needing to look us up!

Payment FAQ's

Tax Forms

All USA affiliates need to send in a w9 - Available once you login to CU Foreign affiliates need to send in a w8 - Available once you login to CU

When do payments go out?

Cash University offers the fastest payout in the industry. We pay weekly with no delay on Fridays. Example, sales made 7/1-7/7 (Monday-Sunday) are paid in full on 7/12 (Friday) just 5 days later. This is the standard payout for our offers. There are exceptions with some offers which we note with the offer and also remind you when we approve you. Some offers pay with various wait times such as 1 or 2 week delay because of the risk for fraud. Unless we note this in the offer, our standard weekly pay applies.

What methods of payment are available?

We offer a lot of different options such as ACH,bank wire or PayPal. Gone are the days of waiting for a paper check for a week. Domestic wires are $25 while international wires cost $40 USD. We will waive all of these fees if sales are over $2500.

Are there minimum payouts?

There is a minimum payout of $20. This is due to costs sometimes exceeding the payout amounts.

Application Process FAQ's

Approval Process

Cash University takes every application seriously and with over 50 applications a day we have a lot to go over. We look over applications and make decisions daily so watch for a decision via email or one of our affiliate managers trying to contact you to verify information.

Fast track approvals

You can always contact one of the affiliate managers and try to get your application expidited. Contacting one of the staff at Cash Univesisty lowers approval time. Personal referrals from our current affiliates is by far the quickest way to be approved.

Account approved, now what?

After you have been approved you are able to view all of our offers and apply for them. All offers are set to "select" meaning you have to apply to run the offer. Approvals for offers typically only take a few minutes but due to the sensitive criteria for certain offers we may try to get a hold of you to confirm what is required of you to send traffic.

We look forward to your application and any questions you may have.

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Affiliate managers:
On AIM: Nick - NickCashU
On AIM: Greg - GregCashU
On AIM: Russell - RussCashU